Awards & Legislation


George is a strong and well respected voice in Harrisburg. He has been recognized as a leading advocate for children, small business and our conservative values. George has been successful in using his business and family experience to positively influence policies in Harrisburg.

Conservative Achievement Award for 11 Straight Years                                                    American Conservative Union Foundation

Guardian of Small Business                                                                                                  National Federation of Independent Business

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2021 National Legislator of the Year                                                                                    The Conference Of Educational Administrators Of Schools and Programs for the Deaf

Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools & Programs for the Deaf  — National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities

Legislator of the Year                                                                                                            MSOA Meadows Standardbred Owners Association

2016-2017 Pre-K for PA Champion

2017 Champion for Children


Success in life, and in Harrisburg,  involves building trust and cultivating working relationships. George has spent a lifetime learning and teaching leadership skills. Most recently, George is demonstrating his mentoring skills as Republican Caucus Chair. He is proud to have had nine pieces of legislation signed into law.

Act 1 Exempting Paycheck Protection Loans From PA Taxes

Act No. 1 of 2021

Act 10 Additional Oversight of Department of Revenues Enhanced Revenue Collections Account

Act No. 10 of 2020

Act 12 Elimination of Cash Assistance Welfare Program

Act No. 12 of 2019

Act 32 Local Tax Clarifications

Act No. 18 of 2018

Omnibus Gaming Expansion

Act No. 42 of 2017

Amended Corporate Tax Returns

Act No. 84 of 2016

“Pay-to-Play” Procurement Reform

Act No. 149 of 2014

Clarifying the Business Privilege Tax Act

Act No. 42 of 2014

Elimination of the Outdated Office of Jury Commissioner

Act No. 108 of 2011