Get Involved! 6 Easy Ways to Help Your Favorite Candidate

Want to get involved in politics? Here's how:

The best way to get some experience in politics is to find a candidate you can support and work on their campaign. You'll make like-minded friends, find political clubs and activities to join and possibly be offered a job in politics. No one gets elected by themselves. Even the best candidates need a team of people behind them. Please consider helping George get re-elected by participating on his campaign:

Help George go door-to-door in your neighborhood.
One of the best ways for a candidate to meet the voters is to door knocking, just like our founding fathers did. Escort George around your neighborhood today.

Host a gathering for neighbors and friends to meet George 
Door knocking has been proven effective, but everyone loves a party! A meet 'n greet is a perfect chance to ask those burning questions and have real conversation with your favorite candidate.

Host a fundraiser
We are going to need your help to continue our message of smaller government and fewer perks for lawmakers. Please consider hosting an event for your friends and neighbors.

Put up signs
Contact the campaign for your yard sign today! We will bring one right to your door. More adventurous folks can help us distribute the signs!

Pass out literature at the polls
A friendly face asking for a vote for their favorite candidate can go a long way! Happy poll workers make happy voters!

Make phone calls or write letters 
In this day and age, you can make calls right from your home. Call 724-836-0750 for phone lists. You can also write letters to the editor on George's behalf.

For more details, please contact the campaign!