Dunbar Delivers

It has been my honor to serve as your State Representative. I humbly ask once again for your support as I seek re-election. As always, I will work diligently to uphold our shared conservative values of controlling spending, reforming Harrisburg and making Pennsylvania a better place to work and live. Allow me to reflect upon what “Dunbar has delivered” over my tenure as Your State Representative:

First and foremost, a legislator is responsible for crafting policy and drafting bills that ultimately may become the law of the Commonwealth. In this regard, I have been very successful having nine of my bills signed into law:

    • Elimination of a wasteful welfare program, cash assistance, that lacked basic accountability standards.
    • Additional control and oversight of the Department of Revenues Enhanced Revenue Collection Account.
    • Exempting COVID Payroll Protection Grants from being taxable in Pennsylvania.
    • Elimination of the outdated and unnecessary office of jury commissioner.
    • Revision the Business Privilege Tax law so companies are no longer double taxed.
    • Reformation of the procurement process to ensure those awarding contracts are not affiliated with companies receiving Government contracts.
    • Simplified the Department of Revenue process of dealing with corporate amended returns to make Pa more business friendly.
    • The omnibus gaming bill which was the final piece to solving this year’s budget stalemate.
    • Act 32 update to ensure consistency across the state.

I am also proud of my ability to deliver our fair share back to our district to help our communities and families in the 56th district:

Education Recreation
·  Funding for a math lab at Jeannette SD ·  Trafford Westmoreland Heritage Trail DCNR Grant
·  Funding additional STEM education at Norwin SD. ·  Grants for PT Municipal Park
·  A grant under the Safe School Initiative for Penn Trafford SD ·  Grants for Trafford Parks (Westmoreland and Fairmont)
Transportation Miscellaneous
·  Leger Road Bridge (still under construction) ·  North Irwin Park Flood Control
·  Turning lanes for Sandy Hill and Pleasant Valley at 130 (2018)·  Watt Road Bridge Replacement (2018)

·  Route 30 Project in North Huntington

·  Harrison City/Export Rd. Bridge

·  Turnpike Bridge over Route 130

·  Jeannette Flood Control·  COJMA Grants for EPA required expansion

·  Streetscape Project in Irwin

·  Monsour Medical Center Demolition

Lastly, I also feel it is important that we remind constituents of the stellar service they receive at our offices. Not only does Dunbar Deliver, but my wonderful staff does as well. Always feel free to call or stop by with your problems, comments, or questions regarding state government. We are happy to serve. – George Dunbar