Dunbar Announces For Reelection

Rep. George Dunbar Seeks Reelection to State House
Ensuring Our Families And Conservative Values Come First Drives His Decision to Run

PENN TWP, PA – State Representative George Dunbar (R-56) today announced his bid for re-election to the State House. He is running on his proven record of putting Westmoreland County families first, protecting taxpayers, fighting to end Governor Wolf’s unconstitutional mandates and working to give parents more control of their children’s education. Dunbar is seeking the Republican nomination in the May 17 Primary Election.

“Protecting the conservative values Westmoreland families cherish is what drives my decision to run for re-election,” said Dunbar. “Working with my constituents and like-minded legislators, I have fought to protect our freedoms, attract local jobs, keep communities safe and uphold our Second Amendment and pro-life values. I humbly ask for your continued support because I know there is more to be done.”

As Republican Caucus Chairman, George was elected to this House leadership position by his colleagues. As Caucus Chair, he has led efforts to protect the taxpayers of Pennsylvania by cutting wasteful spending and forcing state government to live with its means. Under his conservative leadership, George passed balanced budgets that held the line on taxes while properly funding education, invested millions to improve school safety, increased efforts to fight the opioid epidemic and promoted effective job training.

“Through strong fiscal discipline, the state was able to save over $300 million in the Commonwealth’s Rainy Day Fund,” said Dunbar. “My goal is to focus on making smart financial decisions in order to prevent future tax increases, which only hurt working families and seniors living on fixed incomes.”

As residents and small businesses across the state struggled to deal with the pandemic, George fought to enable school districts to safely reopen and to allow students to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities. He voted for the constitutional amendments, which voters across Pennsylvania supported, to restrict the Governor’s unilateral decisions that hurt local businesses, students and seniors.

“Now more than ever, we need conservative leaders who are unafraid to stand up and oppose the liberal officials and bureaucrats who put progressive politics ahead of our families, jobs and freedoms,” said Dunbar. “I’m proud to be part of the conservative team in Harrisburg who continues to oppose Governor Wolf’s job-crushing taxes and regulations on our manufacturing and energy jobs, and his efforts to limit or take away our constitutional rights.”

Committed to reform, Dunbar continues to refuse the legislative per diems – instead submitting actual receipts like in the real world. He voted to further protect taxpayers by forcing state spending to be more transparent and easily available to the public online. George wrote the commonsense welfare reform law that eliminated the “Cash Assistance” program to ensure those most vulnerable get the help they need. This program lacked strong oversight and contributed to fraud in the system. This welfare reform law improved the system and effectively eliminated a welfare program for the first time in state history.

George’s commitment to our community is second only to his dedication to his family. George and his wife, Sandy, live in Penn Township and have been blessed with four daughters: Stephanie, Erin, Alexandra and Samantha and two grandchildren Avery and Everett.

“I’ve worked hard to protect our pro-life and pro-Second Amendment values,” Dunbar said. “I am proud to have been consistently endorsed by the NRA, FOAC, LIFEPAC and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Association, and I will actively seek their support again this year.”